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The small town of Bukit Lawang is the gateway to the Gunung Leuser National Park and Sam’s Bungalow accommodation is the perfect base from which to explore this wonderful area.

Gunung Leuser National Park
is one of the largest, best-protected, and most fascinating forest parks in Southeast Asia. The main attraction is the almost human and expressive orangutan.

Sometimes charming, sometimes threatening, these creatures are a beautiful golden orange. On a trek in the park, you’ll also see other interesting primates (monkeys) and learn and see much more of the tropical rainforest.

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You could quite literally throw a stone from your balcony across the Bohorok river, and it would land in the Gunung (Mt.) Leuser National Park. If you did you might startle a Thomas’s leaf monkey foraging in the greenery or disturb a water monitor basking in the sun on the riverside rocks.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best Bukit Lawang accommodation and service.

Prices are moderate, rooms special, and food is tops. Ifat prepares it with famous Indonesian spices and lots of healthy vegetables including some from the nearby forest. Other treats include homemade brown bread.

We are dedicated to the conservation of the fantastic natural resource that we have in the park and the river and we can arrange all the best activities, treks and tours for you. Sam’s grandfather and father were the pioneer explorers of what is now the national park.

Book now and you will be helping us preserve this wonderful, natural world.

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